Products for the Work Garden


Teknion‘s Interpret:

Interpret is a simple, comprehensive and highly flexible desking system designed to address the diverse needs of an international workforce. With an understated aesthetic and lightness of scale, Interpret’s worldwide core products provide consistency for global clients while enabling regional variation. Awarded Best of Neocon Silver 2012



Teknion‘s Logiq:
Logiq is an innovative plug-load management system that empowers everyone – from the individual, to the facility manager, to an entire corporation – with real-time information to control and improve their work-related environmental footprint. Awarded Best of Neocon Gold 2012

Katherine Tracey

Katherine Tracey is Work Design Magazine's former events director. She is intrigued by the combination of design and business in the A/E/C industry. When not planning the next conference or local talk, Katherine is out sailing on the bay, skiing down a snowy slope, or exploring new places.

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