Amanda Eubanks is an adventurer, an artist, and a designer for FOX Architects in Washington, DC. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University.

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5 Fun Ways to Boost Productivity

I’m a Gen Y professional in my first job post-education. Lucky for me, I chose an intensely creative field.

But my friends in other industries who also have joined the 40-hour-a-week grind complain that they–â„¢re working in environments with bland colors, bad lighting, and tight quarters.

So, what I suggested during a recent “happy hour design consultation” is that they create a personal connection to the places where they work. It–â„¢s one of the best ways to improve productivity, feel comfortable, and make those long hours of overtime more bearable.


Diary of a Design Newbie: Expectations Meet Reality

I knew the ivory tower design studio couldn–â„¢t prepare me for the fast-paced, client-driven, project-centric nature of a real firm. The quantum leap from student to professional was daunting, transformational, and would have been impossible without the skills and confidence I gained through my internship.

Compounding that transition were my expectations — I’m among the new generation of workers who (I’m told) are spearheading a dramatically changed working environment. Like other Gen Y newbies, I’m comfortable with tools and technologies that let me work from anywhere at anytime; I’m not, however, naturally oriented to the idea of a 9-5 workday complete with wearing gray suits, high heels, and hose each day.

So here I am, *fairly* confident in my design skills, and worrying instead about the social norms of a professional, corporate work environment. But now, I now understand how important it is to make sure a company’s culture is reflected in its workspace design.