Global Total Office Debuts the Arti Chair

Global’s new office chair, the Arti, features our new patented flexible back support system. Arti offers a productive and comfortable, healthy back chair ready to support you through periods of prolonged sitting. Arti minimizes the possibility of resultant aches and pains with a chair back that freely moves with the user, providing excellent back support.

Global's  G20 Chair

Global’s G20 Chair Adjusts Automatically

At Neocon, Global will be showing off its new G20â„ ¢ — a nylon mesh-back, synchro-tilter chair that adjusts to the user–â„¢s body weight automatically.


Davis to Launch ‘Join’ Chair at NeoCon

“Join by Davis not only defies convention, but also ushers in a whole new approach to bent plywood technology. It gives designers the unprecedented opportunity to mix and match shell materials for an aesthetic that is both ultramodern and unexpectedly retro.”


Living Walls

A living wall can be as small as 5 sq. ft. or as large as an entire atrium. The smaller versions are easily mounted on existing wall surfaces and usually take the form of a box system, i.e. modules of plant boxes arranged next to each other in a row.