Faces: Meet Primo Orpilla

Primo Orpilla is the award-winning co-founder of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for groundbreaking workplace designs at Facebook, AOL, Microsoft, Yelp, and Levi Strauss. He is a leader in the field of “democratic design,” and his expansive, open-plan environments have become a signature look for some of the West Coast’s most forward-thinking tech innovators. Orpilla and his co-founder, Verda Alexander, established their firm in 1991 to bring agility, creativity, and speed of execution to the Bay Area’s entrepreneurial economy.


Primo will be speaking at WORKTECH 12 West Coast – October 15, 2012 – San Francisco

Isabel Dewhurst-Marks

Isabel Dewhurst-Marks is an Event Manager at UNWIRED Ventures. UNWIRED Ventures is a leading events and publishing house focused on the implication of convergence between the worlds of technology, real estate, work and workplace. Isabel has been working for UNWIRED helping to create their leading workplace events since 2006.

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